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By default, no password is required to access the FreeNAS® administrative interface using the built-in admin account. For security reasons, you should immediately change the default administrative account name and set a password for that account. To change the administrative account name, go to Account → Admin Account → Change Admin User. This will open the screen shown in Figure 3.2a.

Figure 3.2a: Changing the FreeNAS® Administrative Account


Replace admin with the name of the account that will be used to login to the FreeNAS® graphical administrative interface. The "First" and "Last" name fields are optional. Click the "Change Admin User" button to save your changes.

NOTE: in FreeNAS® the administrative account is not the same as the root user account. The administrative account is used to access the graphical administrative interface. This separation makes it possible to disable root logins while maintaining the ability of logging into the graphical administrative interface.

To change the password of the administrative account, click on Account → Admin Account → Change Password. This will open the screen shown in Figure 3.2b.

Figure 3.2b: Setting the FreeNAS® Administrative Password


Type in and confirm the password which will be used when accessing the graphical administrative interface. If you wish to allow root logins using the same password, leave the "Change root password as well" box checked. Uncheck this box to keep the root user account disabled.

NOTE: for security reasons, the root password, the SSH service, and root SSH logins are all disabled by default. Unless these are set, the only way to access a shell as root is to gain physical access to the console menu or to access the web shell within the administrative GUI. This means that the FreeNAS® system should be kept physically secure and that the administrative GUI should be behind a properly configured firewall and protected by a secure username and password.

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