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FreeNAS® provides an alert system to provide a visual warning of any conditions that require administrative attention. The Alert button in the far right corner will flash red when there is an outstanding alert. In the example alert shown in Figure 12.7a. one of the disks in a ZFS pool is offline which has degraded the state of the pool.

Figure 12.7a: Example Alert Message


Informational messages will have a green OK while messages requiring attention will be listed as a red CRITICAL. CRITICAL messages will also be emailed to the root user account. If you are aware of a critical condition but wish to remove the flashing alert until you deal with it, uncheck the box next to that message.

Behind the scenes, an alert script checks for various alert conditions, such as volume and disk status, and writes the current conditions to /var/tmp/alert. A javascript retrieves the current alert status every 5 minutes and will change the solid green alert icon to flashing red if a new alert is detected.

Some of the conditions that trigger an alert include:

  • a ZFS volume's capacity goes over 80%
  • non-optimal multipath states
  • ZFS pool status changes from HEALTHY
  • the system is unable to bind to the WebGUI Address set in System → Settings → General
  • the system can not find an IP address configured on an iSCSI portal
  • the status of a LSI MegaRAID SAS controller has changed; mfiutil(8) is included for managing these devices
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