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Services → Control Services, shown in Figure 8.1a, allows you to quickly determine which services are currently running, to start or stop services, and to configure services. By default, all services (except for the S.M.A.R.T. service) are off until you start them.

Figure 8.1a: Control Services


A service is stopped if its icon is a red OFF. A service is running if its icon is a blue ON. To start or stop a service, click its ON/OFF icon.

To configure a service, click the wrench icon associated with the service or click the name of the service in the Services section of the tree menu.

If a service does not start, go to System → Settings → Advanced and check the box “Show console messages in the footer”. Console messages will now show at the bottom of your browser. If you click the console messages area, it will pop-up as a window, allowing you to scroll through the output and to copy messages. Watch these messages for errors when you stop and start the problematic service.

If you would like to read the system logs to get more information about a service failure, open Shell and type more /var/log/messages.

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