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FreeNAS® 9.2.2 can be downloaded from

The download page contains the following types of files. Download one file that meets your needs:

  • CD Installer: this is a bootable installer that can be written to CDROM. Installing from the CDROM is described in more detail in Installing from CDROM.
  • Disk Image: this is a compressed image that needs to be written to a USB or compact flash device. Burning an IMG File describes how to write the image.
  • GUI Upgrade or Legacy Upgrade: this is a compressed firmware upgrade image. If your intent is to upgrade FreeNAS®, download the correct file for your architecture and version and see the section on Upgrading FreeNAS®. Download the GUI Upgrade if you are upgrading from version 8.2.0-BETA3 through 9.1.0. Download the legacy upgrade if you are upgrading from version 8.0.1BETA3 through 8.2.0-BETA2.

Each file has an associated SHA256 hash which should be used to verify the integrity of the downloaded file before writing it to the installation media. The command you use to verify the checksum varies by operating system:

  • on a BSD system use the command sha256 name_of_file
  • on a Linux system use the command sha256sum name_of_file
  • on a Mac system use the command shasum -a 256 name_of_file
  • on a Windows system or Mac system, you can install a utility such as HashCalc or HashTab
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