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The PC-BSD project maintains a repository of over 1,100 PBIs. PC-BSD 9.x PBIs can be installed from the shell of a plugin, port, or standard jail. This section describes how to find and install PC-BSD PBIs into a FreeNASĀ® jail.

NOTE: the PC-BSD project has transitioned to only providing 64-bit PBIs. If you are running the 32-bit version of FreeNASĀ®, you can not install PC-BSD PBIs.

Before you can find and install PC-BSD PBIs, you must first download the PC-BSD repository index and start the PC-BSD pbid service from within a jail:

pkg install pcbsd-utils
service pbid onestart
Starting pbid...


Finding PC-BSD PBIs

You can view which 9.x PBIs are available at the PC-BSD PBI build server.

Alternately, you can browse for a software category then browse for applications within that category, as seen in the following example:

pbi_browser |more
Using RepoID: 001
Available Categories:
Category: Accessibility
Icon: /var/db/pbi/repo-icons/dd3920955c2fcf9bcc66b20dc0d89354-Accessibility.png
Description: Utilities to ease computer usage
Category: Archivers
Icon: /var/db/pbi/repo-icons/dd3920955c2fcf9bcc66b20dc0d89354-Archivers.png
Description: Programs for packing/unpacking data archives
Category: Astronomy
Icon: /var/db/pbi/repo-icons/dd3920955c2fcf9bcc66b20dc0d89354-Astronomy.png
Description: Programs for mapping the stars or the earth
<snip output>
pbi_browser -c Multimedia | more
Using RepoID: 001
Available PBIs for Category: Multimedia
Application: AcidRip
Version: 0.14_8
Created: 20120514 212419
RootInstall: NO
Arch: amd64
Author: AcidRip Team
License: GPL
Type: Graphical
Keywords: cd,dvd,ripper,encoder
Icon: /var/db/pbi/repo-icons/dd3920955c2fcf9bcc66b20dc0d89354-AcidRip.png
Description: AcidRip is a Gtk2::Perl application for ripping and encoding DVD's. It neatly wraps MPlayer and MEncoder, seeing as MPlayer is by far the best bit of video playing kit around for Linux (and FreeBSD). As well as creating a simple Graphical Interface for those scared of getting down and dirty with MEncoders command line interface, It also automates the process in a number of ways:
- Parses DVD into contents tree
- Finds longest title 
o Calculate video bitrate for given filesize - Finds black bands and crops them - Gives suggestions for improved performance To install this PBI: # pbi_add --rArch amd64 --repo 001 -r AcidRip ------------------------------------ <snip output>

Installing a PC-BSD PBI

To install a PC-BSD PBI from within a jail, use pbi_add(1). This command line utility can be used to either install a previously downloaded .pbi file or to automatically fetch and install the specified PBI.

NOTE: each jail is separate from every other jail. This means that if you install software within a jail, it is only installed into that specific jail. This allows you to install different software and even different versions of that software in different jails. Make sure you are in the jail that you want to install software into before running the following commands.

If you have already downloaded a PBI file, specify the name of that file. In this example, the mencoder-1.1.r20130308-amd64.pbi PBI was previously downloaded to the same directory the command is run from:

pbi_add mencoder-1.1.r20130308-amd64.pbi
Verifying Checksum...OK
Extracting to: /usr/pbi/mencoder-amd64
Installed: mencoder-1.1.r20130308 

Alternately, do not download the .pbi file first. Instead, include the remote fetching option and the name of the PBI to install:

pbi_add -r mencoder
Getting regional mirror...
Using mirror:
/usr/pbi/.mencoder-1.1.r20130308-amd64.pbi    100% of   30 MB 1712 kBps 00m00s
Verifying Checksum...OK
Extracting to: /usr/pbi/mencoder-amd64
Installed: mencoder-1.1.r20130308

Regardless of how the PBI was installed, you can verify which version is installed using pbi_info(1). In this example, the Firefly, MiniDLNA, and Transmission PBIs were installed as plugins from the GUI and the mencoder PBI was installed using pbi_add:

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