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Network File System (NFS) is a protocol for sharing files on a network. Before configuring this service, you should first create your Unix (NFS) Shares. After configuring this service, go to Services → Control Panel to start the service.

Starting this service will open the following ports on the FreeNAS® system:

  • TCP and UDP 111 (used by rpcbind)
  • TCP 2049 (used by nfsd)

Additionally, mountd and rpcbind will each bind to a randomly available UDP port.

Figure 8.8a shows the configuration screen and Table 8.8a summarizes the configuration options for the NFS service:

Figure 8.8a: Configuring NFS


Table 8.8a: NFS Configuration Options

Setting Value Description
Number of servers integer run sysctl -n kern.smp.cpus from Shell to determine the number; do not exceed the number listed in the output of that command
Serve UDP NFS clients checkbox check if NFS client needs to use UDP
Bind IP Addresses checkboxes select the IP address(es) to listen for NFS requests; if left unchecked, NFS will listen on all available addresses
Allow non-root mount checkbox check this box only if the NFS client requires it
mountd(8) bind port integer optional; specify port for mountd(8) to bind to
rpc.statd(8) bind port integer optional; specify port for rpc.statd(8) to bind to
rpc.lockd(8) bind port integer optional; specify port for rpc.lockd(8) to bind to
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