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SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) is used to monitor network-attached devices for conditions that warrant administrative attention. FreeNAS® can be configured as a bsnmpd(1) server using FreeBSD's simple and extensible SNMP daemon. When you start the SNMP service, the following port will be enabled on the FreeNAS® system:

  • UDP 161 (bsnmpd listens here for SNMP requests)

Available MIBS are located in /usr/share/SNMP/mibs and /usr/local/share/SNMP/mibs.

Figure 8.11a shows the SNMP configuration screen. Table 8.11a summarizes the configuration options:

Figure 8.11a: Configuring SNMP


Table 8.11a: SNMP Configuration Options

Setting Value Description
Location string optional description of FreeNAS® system's location
Contact string optional email address of FreeNAS® administrator
Community string password used on the SNMP network, default is public and should be changed for security reasons
Auxiliary Parameters string additional bsnmpd(1) options not covered in this screen, one per line
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