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Test an Upcoming Version

Prior to any release, there is a beta period where testing snapshots will be announced on the FreeNASĀ® website and social media sites. This beta period is meant to provide users an opportunity to test the upcoming release and to provide feedback on bugs and errors so that they can be fixed prior to release. Feedback can be sent to the Freenas-testing mailing list or a bug report can be submitted.

Rolling Your Own Testing Snapshot

Users who wish to create their own custom ISO for testing purposes can download and compile the latest FreeNASĀ® source from the github repository.

In order to build your own testing snapshot, you will need to install FreeBSD 9.2 in a virtual environment or on a test system. If you are using a virtual environment, a 64-bit system with at least 4 GB of RAM is recommended. Download and install the FreeBSD version (i386 or amd64) that matches the architecture that you wish to build.

After booting into the newly installed FreeBSD system, become the superuser (type su and enter the root user's password) and run the following commands. First, install the software you'll need and refresh your path so it is aware of the new binaries:

pkg_add -r git-subversion
pkg_add -r cdrtools
pkg_add -r python27
pkg_add -r pbi-manager

Change to the directory where you would like to store the FreeNASĀ® source, download the source, then change to the directory containing the downloaded source:

cd /path/to/your-build-filesystem
git clone git://github.com/freenas/freenas.git
cd freenas

You are now ready to build the image using the instructions in this README.

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