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Network File System (NFS) is a protocol for sharing files on a network. Before configuring this service, you should first create your Unix (NFS) Shares. After configuring this service, go to Services -> Control Panel to start the service.

Starting this service will open the following ports on the FreeNAS™ system:

  • TCP and UDP 111 (used by rpcbind)
  • TCP 2049 (used by nfsd)

Additionally, mountd and rpcbind will each bind to a randomly available UDP port.

Figure 8.9a shows the configuration screen and Table 8.9a summarizes the configuration options for the NFS service:

Figure 8.9a: Configuring NFS


Table 8.9a: NFS Configuration Options

Setting Value Description
Number of servers integer can not exceed number of CPUs (run sysctl -n kern.smp.cpus at the FreeNAS™ console shell to determine the maximum number for that system)
Asynchronous mode checkbox speeds up data access but may result in corruption if a transfer is interrupted; see RFC 1813 for details
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